St. Armands a Neighborhood in Sarasota FL

St. Armands is a neighborhood of Sarasota, Florida. It’s on an island in the Gulf of Mexico. There are boutiques and upscale restaurants for tourists near its historic district. Active retirees have made it a retirement spot, too. The miles of paths that cross its 1-1/4 mile promenade attract runners and walkers year-round in southwest Florida’s climate.

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The name “St. Armands” originally referred to the southernmost segment of Longboat Key, which include roughly the southern quarter of the key (from Stump Pass north to the south end). The area had long been called “the Village,” although there was no community there at all when developers built homes and businesses along Sarasota Bay.

All the restaurants, shops and boutiques are located in just one stretch of the neighborhood St. Armands Circle. There is a lot of traffic constantly buzzing around this circle looking for parking spaces or trying to exit at any one of its several exits/entrances.

History of St Armands Circle

Many of the establishments are open until 10 pm. Parking is largely in a large municipal garage underneath the circle where you purchase tickets to put inside your car so they can be checked by authorized St Armands employees to ensure if you are staying overnight in Sarasota, Florida you have paid for parking.

The Circle was built originally as a shopping center called “Saint Armands.” It now consists of upscale boutiques and restaurants, with some bars and grocery stores. There are about 60 shops located along four streets that form the south side of an oval-shaped road around Lake Ella (which is not on an island), while there are more than 30 restaurants spread out along several streets that form the north side of this same road. Some individuals live there, too.

The circle is a major focal point for one of Sarasota’s two main street car lines. It has also been an important center for civic events. An estimated 800,000 people visit St. Armands Circle each year (although, locals claim that everyone in Sarasota passes through at least once every day). Many local residents go to St. Armands Circle on a regular basis mainly because it is considered one of the prettiest areas in Sarasota Florida with its historic buildings surrounding an inviting promenade around a picturesque lake where you can easily spend several hours enjoying your day or evening out with friends or family members while taking part some shopping activities.

The people who live in Saint Armand’s have access to many amenities such as a community pool and fitness center, tennis courts, parks and public boat ramps nearby. Many residents use their sailboats to commute to other areas on Sarasota Bay such as downtown Sarasota when going shopping or going out for dinner or lunch with friends. It is also popular area for kayakers because there are constant paddling routes that they can take through the waterways that connect them to other areas not too far away.

Additionally, St. Armand’s residents are also known to take advantage of the many notable shopping areas that are located just minutes from their homes such as The Ringling Shops and Mall, Rennaissance at St. Armands Circle and Hyde Park Village.