Harbor Acres a Neighborhood in Sarasota FL,

Harbor Acres was developed during the 1950s by Harbor Properties who had originally purchased the land in 1944. The subdivision was initially planned to include a yacht club and harbor on its southern edge but these plans were later abandoned. Nevertheless, Harbor Acres’ original name was “Harbor Yacht Club”. This name lives on in one of the neighborhood’s two entrances: “Harbor Yacht Club Gate.”

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The community underwent major renovations beginning in 1974 with new street lights and storm drains installed. In 1981 another round of improvements took place that included widening existing roads and building new streets. Additional renovations were made in 1993 to add sidewalks and street furniture.

It was developed by Harbor Properties during the 1950s and initially planned to include a yacht club and harbor on its southern edge which were never built. Despite this, it keeps the name “Harbor Yacht Club”.

Harbor Acres is a small neighborhood in Sarasota, Florida. Harbor Acres contains 180 houses, exclusive of apartments and vacancies. There are no stores located in this area, with its closest commercial establishments being several blocks away along Tuttle Avenue and U.S. Route 41 (Tamiami Trail) to the immediate north of it.Harbor Acres is surrounded by residential neighborhoods on all sides except for where Tuttle Avenue passes through it. Its single entrance from that road is closed at night, with a manned security gate in place from 6:30pm until 7:00am.

This gated community has two entrances and there are no sidewalks on any of the streets within Harbor Acres.

All homes are on lots between one-quarter acre (0.10 ha) and four acres (1.6 ha), with each lot featuring an additional 50 ft (15 m) right-of-way for use by emergency services vehicles. The predominant housing type in Harbor Acres is the single family home, with all structures containing more than 2 floors being prohibited due to county regulations that also do not allow more than two unrelated persons to occupy the same house in Sarasota County. Additionally, the residential section of Harbor Acres is surrounded by a high fence, which makes it physically inaccessible from outside the neighborhood.

Although not in the area zoned for schools, children who reside within Harbor Acres do attend public schooling. The elementary school closest to this subdivision is Maple Park Elementary School, located one-quarter mile (400 m) south of its border along Tuttle Avenue. For secondary education students living in Harbor Acres must commute several miles away either to Booker Middle School and Booker High School in Sarasota, or to Riverview High School in neighboring Bradenton.

After  the Sarasota Bay Club was completed, The Sarasota Herald Tribune reported that the club had been sold. In November 1955, George T. Schoepf gave a deposition before the Federal Power Commission for approval of a new land site for the power plant at Harbor Acres.

Additionally Harbor Acres is only a short distance away from the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus, which enrolls around 6,000 students yearly in various academic programs.