Facts About Embalming

Embalming is a process that slows the decomposition of human remains and restores them to an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The purpose of embalming is not only cosmetic, but also for sanitary purposes in preparation for public viewing, as well as religious reasons like Jewish burial rituals where mourners stay at home until after the body […]


Embalming is the practice of preserving human remains with chemicals to forestall decomposition. It was once widely used in North America and Europe, while it has been historically employed in many other cultures around the world as well. In some countries (such as Germany), only licensed professionals can be involved with the process for safety […]

History of Embalming

The word “embalming” comes from the Arabic term, “al-buhl.” It was introduced in Egypt sometime around 2600 BC when it was discovered that mummification reduced decomposition by inhibiting bacterial growth and destroying enzymes responsible for breaking down cells. Originally, embalmers used resins such as frankincense or myrrh to dry out organs before packing them with […]

Annual Events Held in Sarasota FL

Here’s a list of  some annual Sarasota events: Catch Siesta Key’s winter season with the Halloween Parade and Sidewalk Stroll. This parade is complete with costumes, decorated cars, and plenty of candy for children. Sarasota Cremation Service Sarasota Opera Season kicks off in the fall to run through early spring. The season includes up to six […]